Wholesale Women's Clothing

Wholesale Women's Clothing Made in Italy

aNYcase is the brand that expressesauthenticity and the femininity of a woman cosmopolitan, scrappy, aware… And a lover of his own style.
Knowledge in the production of women's clothing, and experience in distribution as wholesale women's clothing,
dates back to the early 2000s, when the focal point of the company was above all the knitwear sector.

Subsequently, the company decided to expand its reference product sector,
with the aim of identifying and reflecting each woman in a "aNy-case"Total look.

Thus was born in 2011 the aNYcase brand, in the nerve center of Italian fast-fashion: the Macrolotto of Prato.
aNYcase is women's clothing wholesaler and a brand that stands out above all for its continuous and careful attention research of materials,
constantly seeking and renewing the quality of the final product, combining the latest trends with a unique and recognizable style.

Discover ideas for looks to wear

Wear your creativity

Refined, determined and independent, the aNYcase woman has a multisensory approach to life.
has an "multisensory"To life, particularly it presents itself with various" facets ".

She is aware of what she is, and exudes it by confidently wearing each garment making it her own.

The aNYcase woman has a sense of belonging to a constantly evolving reality,
and is characterized by its glamorous side, which makes it unique and feminine ..

aNYcase is synonymous with product quality guarantee; made in faithful Italian style,
also combining it with the speed typical of the fast-fashion business model.

In the continuous search for quality and speed, aNYcase also supports fashion "eco friendly"
trying to optimize and reuse through the methodology of continuous recycling of fabric processing scraps.

The anycase showroom

The production and sale of wholesale women's clothing
In an open space of over 2000sqm, furnished in the typical style of the brand,
you can also touch and contextualize the new trends
of the fashion reality, which you will find later from our retailers.

We initially created a physical area then the online one
where you can first taste the passion
that we put into the realization of the Anycase garments.

The showroom is located in:
Via Friuli Venezia Giulia, 14 | 59100 Prato (PO) | Macrolotto area